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  • NEWSREEL - News Recommendation Evaluation Lab
    • Task 1: Predict the items a user will click in the next 10 Minutes based on the offline dataset
    • Task 2: Predict the articles users will click
  • CLEF eHealth - ShARe/CLEF eHealth Evaluation Lab
    • Visual-Interactive Search and Exploration of eHealth Data
    • Information extraction from clinical text (A data use agreement must be signed by each group member)
    • User-centred health information retrieval
  • QA Track - CLEF Question Answering Track
    • QALD: Question Answering over Linked Data
    • BioASQ: Biomedical semantic indexing and ques-tion answering
    • Entrance Exams
  • ImageCLEF
    • Robot Vision
    • Scalable concept Image Annotation
    • Liver CT Annotation
    • Domain Adaptation
  • PAN Lab on Uncovering Plagiarism, Authorship, and Social Software Misuse
    • Author Identification
    • Author Profiling
    • Plagiarism Detection
  • INEX - Initiative for the Evaluation of XML retrieval
    • Social Book Search Task
    • Interactive Social Book Search Task
    • Linked Data Task
    • Tweet Contextualization Task
  • RepLab 2014
    • Task 1: Annotating company-related tweets
    • Task 2. Generating brief pseudo-summaries
  • LifeCLEF
    • BirdCLEF
    • PlantCLEF
    • FishCLEF